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Urgent and Emergency Care Continuous Quality Improvement API

Submit 111 or 999 call triage data for quality monitoring purposes, following an NHS Pathways patient phone assessment.


Use this API to submit 111 or 999 call triage data to us for quality monitoring purposes, following an NHS Pathways patient phone assessment.

As a 111 or 999 telephony provider's host system developer, you must submit triage data to us in real time following an NHS Pathways patient phone assessment. This is to comply with the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) requirement of the Pathways licence agreement.

Providers and their regional commissioning groups can also log in to view this data using the Intelligent Data Tool (IDT) dashboard.

Because of the dashboard name, this API is sometimes referred to as the Intelligent Data Tool (IDT) web service.

You need a valid account to use this API to submit data.

Who can use this API

This API can only be used where there is a legal basis to do so. Make sure you have a valid use case before you go too far with your development. You must do this before you can go live (see ‘Onboarding’ below).

API status

This API is in production.

Service level

This API is a bronze service, meaning it is operational and supported only during business hours (8am to 6pm), Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

For more details, see service levels.


This API is a REST API.

For more details, see Basic REST.

Network access

This API is available on the internet  and, indirectly, on the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

For more details see Network access for APIs.

Security and authorisation

This API is application-restricted, meaning:

  • the calling application is authenticated - we do care who it is

  • the end user is not authenticated - we do not verify who it is or whether they are present

In particular, it uses TLS Mutual Authentication (TLS-MA).

This API is only for use when the end user is a healthcare worker, not a patient.

In addition, we require calling applications to:

  • authenticate end users locally with a minimum of user ID and password

  • use national role-based access control (RBAC) locally to control end user access to the patient data

  • keep an audit trail locally of all accesses to patient data by end users

Environments and testing

Environment Base URL
User Acceptance Testing




You need to get your software approved by us before it can go live with this API. We call this onboarding. The onboarding process can sometimes be quite long, so it’s worth planning well ahead. To onboard for this API, contact us.


For a full list of interactions for this API, and to obtain a user account, contact a member of the NHS Pathways technical team at [email protected].

For more context, see the Intelligent Data Tool (IDT) web service.

Last edited: 14 September 2023 6:02 pm