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NHS Pathways

NHS Pathways is a clinical tool used for assessing, triaging and directing the public to urgent and emergency care services.

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About NHS Pathways

NHS Pathways telephone triage system is a clinical decision support system (CDSS) supporting the remote assessment of callers to urgent and emergency services.

It is used in the following settings:

  • NHS 111
  • 999
  • Integrated Urgent Care Clinical Assessment Services
  • NHS 111 Online
  • To assist in the management of patients presenting to urgent care or emergency departments

The system is owned by the Department for Health and Social Care and delivered by the Transformation Directorate of NHS England. 

Services commissioned by NHS England and host system suppliers enter into licences with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, allowing them to embed NHS Pathways within their products. 

The system is maintained by a group of experienced staff most with an urgent and emergency care background. All of the clinical authoring team are registered, licensed practitioners.

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