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Help and support building healthcare software

Get help at any point in your project, to make sure your integration with our APIs goes smoothly.

For medical advice, call 111

If you are a patient and you need medical advice, you should call 111, or use the web service at

Live incidents and service updates

If you already registered with us for service and incident management (step 10 of our onboarding process) then you can receive service updates and raise live incidents.

To raise live incidents, contact the NHS national service desk. You can contact them via email [email protected], phone 0300 303 5035 or via our Customer Service Portal - Customer Support (

Help and support connecting to our APIs

Did you already look for the answer to your question in our:

Join our developer community

Get support or give help on integrating with our APIs by checking out our developer community:

  • search and find answers to similar questions
  • sign in, or create a developer account, to post your own questions, or help others with answers
  • join a community of professionals with similar objectives

Contact us

For help and support connecting to our APIs, or to get started with an onboarding process, send us an email at [email protected].

Our target is to respond to emails and developer community posts within one working day, and resolve within three working days, depending on the nature of the query.

In order to help us find the person best placed to support you, let us know:

  • your full name and role
  • what company or organisation you represent
  • what you are trying to achieve - for example, trying to create a developer account, trying to find the right API in the API catalogue, trying to onboard to use an API in production
  • your application or product name

If you're having a problem calling a specific API, remember to tell us:

  • which APIs you're using - the full name from the API catalogue
  • which access mode you're using - if applicable for this API
  • which environment you're using - sandbox, development, integration test or production 
  • your application ID - for example 3ebd88d7-8cdb-79e1-96eb-14507fefffb4
  • your full JSON request - give us a copy of what you are sending to call the API
  • your full response - give us a copy of what you are getting back from the API, including any error codes

For questions about onboarding using digital onboarding, tell us:

  • which section of the onboarding process you need help with, for example, a use case or hazard log

  • the question reference number - for example, Ref-SCR-2036

To register with digital onboarding, or get an onboarding role assigned, contact your organisation’s digital onboarding account manager or your NHS England onboarding lead.

Engaging with our NHS Innovation Service

If you're looking for help as an innovator, we recommend you use our NHS Innovation Service which aims to help you take your healthcare innovation from idea to adoption.


If you want to help us user test our service, get in touch at [email protected].

You can also suggest, comment or vote on upcoming features using our interactive product backlog.

Last edited: 23 November 2023 10:11 am