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Help and support building healthcare software

Get help at any point in your project, to make sure your integration with our APIs goes smoothly.

For medical advice, call 111

If you are a patient and you need medical advice, you should call 111, or use the web service at

Live incidents and service updates

If you already registered with us for service and incident management (step 10 of our onboarding process) then you can receive service updates and raise live incidents.

To raise live incidents, contact the NHS national service desk. You can find their contact details under 'NHS Digital service desks' on the NHS Digital Contact us page.

Do not contact them before you have onboarded with us. 

Help and support connecting to our APIs

For help and support connecting to our APIs, or to get started with an onboarding process, send us an email at

Do not use this address for service updates or live incidents.

We aim to respond to emails within two working days.

In order to help us find the person best placed to support you, let us know:

  • who you are and what you do
  • what company or organisation you represent
  • what you are trying to achieve
  • which APIs you are using


Leave us feedback on our service by clicking on the feedback widget which appears as a tab on the right hand side of many pages. You can select elements of the page to leave feedback on. Leave your email address if you're happy for us to contact you about your feedback.

Certain pages have pop-up polls with questions about page content. Again, leave your email address if you're happy for us to contact you about your feedback. If you do not want to answer, click the top arrow to minimise the poll.

Alternatively, tell us what you think by sending an email to

If you want to help us user test our service, get in touch at

Finally, you can also suggest, comment or vote on upcoming features using our interactive product backlog.

Last edited: 26 April 2022 2:14 pm