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Getting started with our APIs

Learn about what APIs we offer, and how you can connect to them. These simple steps will get your team creating new software in no time.


If you are building healthcare software, and need to integrate with our APIs, this guide is for you.

Whether you're a product owner, delivery lead, architect, software developer or a business analyst, you'll have a part to play in this process.

If you need to build an API, see building healthcare APIs.

1. Learn about our APIs

Before designing your software, you should:

2. Create a developer account

If you create a developer account on our API platform, and tell us which APIs you are interested in, we can let you know of any updates.

You'll also be able to manage your applications and teams, contribute to our developer community, and get access to security credentials for testing and production for some of our newer APIs.

3. Confirm your use case

Our APIs are provided to support the delivery of health and social care, primarily in England. 

For some of our APIs, you must check you have a valid use case. You’ll need to give us details of your product and what it does.

You should do this before you go too far with your development.

For more details on how to confirm your use case for a particular API, read its API specification in our API and integration catalogue.

4. Design and build your software

When designing and building your software you can:

5. Test your software

We provide test environments for you to test your software with our APIs. There are different environments depending on which APIs you are using.

For more details see testing your software.

6. Get your software onboarded

For most of our APIs, before your software can go live you need to complete an onboarding process, such as 'SCAL' or 'digital onboarding'. This mostly involves making sure your software complies with various regulations and laws, such as security, clinical safety, information governance. We sometimes also call this software assurance.

It can take quite a long time, so it's worth planning well ahead.

For more details see onboarding process for APIs.

7. Put your software live

Once you’ve completed software onboarding you’re ready to go live.

Get help and support

If you have any issues, either during development or once your software is live, you can get help and support from us.

Last edited: 15 December 2023 11:41 am