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Standard 6 Evaluation and Assessment

Overview of evaluation and assessment

Evaluation and assessment processes typically start at the outset of the training lifecycle, as early as at the point of training service strategy development, where evaluation/assessment methodologies and tools are identified.

As the planned training proceeds through the training lifecycle, the evaluation and assessment activity becomes more focused on the measurement of effectiveness, impact and outcome, and the quality of work being delivered by the training service.

Evaluation and assessment results should be fed back into the training lifecycle and detailed in the training plan.


There are different reasons why training should be evaluated:

  • Find out if the learning is actually being applied in the workplace
  • Check the impact of the training on job performance
  • Confirm that the training delivered is the right training
  • Continuously improve training delivery using feedback
  • Demonstrate that training is adding value, has made a difference or has had an impact
  • Prove the training has delivered what was agreed with stakeholders.


All training must have some form of assessment to measure the level of learning that has taken place. The training service could consider the following:

  • Assessment conducted during the training, for example, learners undertake exercises during the training which are observed and results are recorded. Learners who are not able to complete certain exercises can be identified and followed up.
  • Post course assessment, for example, an online competency assessment.

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Further information

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