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Standard 4 Administration, Facilities and Equipment

Overview of training service administration

At the centre of a well organised training service will be an efficient administration function. This should support all aspects of the training lifecycle and training team activities, from learner bookings and resource management to the collection, analysis and reporting of training data.

The emphasis must be on having documented procedures to ensure a consistency in administration functions particularly where contact with learners/customers are concerned.

Administration should also focus on supporting the training service's marketing activities across the organisation.

In some instances, training administration will have some dedicated resource but equally there are training services where all staff are involved in the administration process.

Administration functions can include:

  • Maintaining record systems and document libraries
  • Scheduling training courses
  • Identifying/improving effective processes and administrative systems
  • Creating, amending and distributing joining instructions
  • Designing, distributing, collecting and analysing responses of pre-course and post course questionnaires
  • Designing user-friendly communications which are relevant, informative and projects a professional image of the training service.

Facilities and equipment

These play a major part in the successful delivery of training solutions. Facilities need to be fit for purpose and allow training to take place in an environment that is both safe and comfortable for facilitators and learners. 

Equipment that is used must be safe and be identical to the equipment to be used by the learner in their work place; this also includes software operating systems and applications.

If a training team does not have dedicated training rooms

The standard does apply even if you do not have dedicated training rooms.

Essentially the standard looks at ensuring that no matter where your training takes place, the venue is safe and suitable for the training you are delivering and also looks at ensuring that the equipment you use is safe.

To request a copy of the Standards

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Further information

internal Resources for training professionals

This section provides further useful resources for training professionals, including all trainers and training managers. A set of resources and guidance is available to support trainers and managers in planning their career progression and professional development.

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