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Standard 1 Strategy and Service Improvement

Training service strategy

A training service strategy is a document which describes the long-term (minimum 18 months) vision for the training service and summarises its overall approach to training.

It will describe the actions required to achieve this vision and the long-term success of the training service in an organisation.

The benefits of implementing a training service strategy

A training service strategy is developed to ensure that the right levels of design, delivery, assessment and analysis are identified to support training solutions.

A strategy provides a clear vision of what the training service needs to achieve in the long term and demonstrates how the training service is contributing towards the organisation's objectives and what benefits it will deliver.

Producing a training service strategy

In addition to involving the training team, it is important to include people who are affected by the training service strategy. Some may need to have direct input into it; others may simply need to be consulted. To do this, you could run a workshop to gather the information or consult with stakeholders individually.

It is essential that the organisation's objectives are identified as the training service strategy will directly support those that are relevant.

Training service strategy template

A training service strategy template is available when you download the standards.

Implementing a training service strategy in a small training team

A training service strategy is just as effective for smaller training teams as the principles are exactly the same. The strategy sets the training service's vision for the future and gives the team focus, allows them to prioritise and plan training delivery while exploring new and innovative ways of delivering training.

To request a copy of the Standards

To request a copy of the Standards, please email us at [email protected] with your full name, name of organisation, where your organisation is based, and if it is an NHS organisation. You do not have to work in a health or social care organisation to request a copy of the standards.

Note: Adobe version 7 or above is required for the Standards.



Further information

internal Resources for training professionals

This section provides further useful resources for training professionals, including all trainers and training managers. A set of resources and guidance is available to support trainers and managers in planning their career progression and professional development.

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