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Standard 3 Design and Delivery

This standard sets out the requirements which ensure that the training service is:

  • Designing and delivering training materials that are fit for purpose and compliant with legislation and local policies
  • Involving subject matter experts in the design of training solutions
  • Ensuring materials are properly managed so that the correct 'users', for example designers, facilitators and learners have access to the correct materials, for example up to date versions
  • Seeking to implement different delivery methods which include but are not limited to:
    • Action learning sets
    • Bite-sized learning
    • Distance learning
    • Digital learning (e Learning, video, audio pod casts)
    • Online learning
    • Mobile learning
    • Self-study resources e.g. books, DVD's pod casts
    • Seminars
    • Face to face classroom training courses
    • Coaching and feedback
    • Mentoring
    • Social networking
    • Providing training that takes into account different learning styles to ensure there is equal access to learning opportunities.

Blended learning

This term refers to a learning solution that incorporates several delivery methods. It is also used to describe learning that mixes various event-based activities, for example a mix of e Learning, face to face elements, and self-paced learning.

Enhancing and supporting face to face training

It is possible to deliver elements of training using different delivery methods, but this very much depends on the intended staff group.

Online learning could be used for clinical systems training, for example, web basics, electronic discharge summary and order communications to allow junior doctors and consultants a greater degree of flexibility as to where and when the learning takes place.

To request a copy of the Standards

To request a copy of the Standards, please email us at [email protected] with your full name, name of organisation, where your organisation is based, and if it is an NHS organisation. You do not have to work in a health or social care organisation to request a copy of the standards.

Note: Adobe version 7 or above is required for the standards.


Further information

internal Resources for training professionals

This section provides further useful resources for training professionals, including all trainers and training managers. A set of resources and guidance is available to support trainers and managers in planning their career progression and professional development.

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