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Open Exeter

Open Exeter gives access to patient data held on the National Health Application and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS) platform.

The NHAIS platform in England, Wales and Isle of Man is being replaced by a range of new digital services during 2021 and early 2022. 

Open Exeter (sometimes called the Exeter system), sits on the NHAIS platform and provides web-based access to data held on NHAIS.

As new services are introduced to replace NHAIS, many aspects of Open Exeter will be closed, with the exception of access to Breast Screening Select and the Bowel Cancer Screening System.

Open Exeter users need to consider what alternative services exist to meet their needs. This page signposts users to alternative services which are available now or are planned. We will add more details around scheduling and plans in future updates.

Accessing demographics data

When NHAIS is decommissioned and Open Exeter closed, it will no longer be possible to search for demographics data (name, address, date of birth, NHS number, GP practice). Instead, this information will only be available through the Personal Demographics Service (PDS) (sometimes referred to as the Spine). PDS is the national electronic database of NHS demographics details such as name, address, date of birth and NHS Number (known as demographic information).

For people new to using PDS, we recommend that you initially look at  accessing demographics information via Summary Care Record application (SCRa).

We are removing access to demographics data via Open Exeter in phases. We have emailed all users who are currently only using Open Exeter to search for demographics information, advising them that we will be removing their access. Staff supporting cervical screening, HPV vaccinations and recording blood/organ donor preferences will retain their access to demographics data until the introduction of new services later this year.

The initial 3 phases for removing access to Open Exeter are scheduled as below.

End of July covering staff in:

  • mental health trusts
  • wheelchair services
  • continence services

Middle of August covering staff in:

  • ambulance trusts
  • breast screening offices
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • Clinical Support Units (CSUs)
  • local authorities

End of August covering some staff in:

  • arms length bodies
  • NHS acute trusts

If you think these changes will affect you, please check your email (including junk email) or contact the Open Exeter Helpdesk at

If you are using demographics data to directly support cervical screening, see the Cervical screening section below.

If you are using demographics data to directly support HPV vaccinations, see the HPV vaccinations section below.

If you are using demographics data to record blood and organ donor preferences, see the Blood and organ donation preferences below.

Cervical screening

The new NHS Cervical Screening Management System, which will replace the National Cervical Screening call/recall system, will be going live in October 2021. For more information visit the new system page.

Bowel cancer screening

Currently no change planned.

Breast cancer screening

Currently no change planned.

Blood and organ donation preferences

From the end of September 2021, the service to process blood and organ preferences through Open Exeter will be retired. This service will not be replaced.

In the interim you must ensure where patients have selected a preference that you continue to input them into Open Exeter, giving consideration to any backlogs.

The GMS1 form is being updated to remove the existing blood and organ donation tick boxes. Please transition to the new GMS1 form when it becomes available.

Further updates will be provided in due course.

HPV vaccinations data

We will provide an update in due course.

GP payments in England

From 1 June 2021, Open Exeter will no longer be used to hold financial information about GP practices.

Instead, this information, along with practice payments, will be available on the new GP Payments and Pensions system

You can access the new GP Payments system by logging into PCSE Online. Practices will be able to submit and view claims for premises and locum cover online with the added benefit of knowing there are checks in place for any missing information and the ability to easily track where all claims are in the process. 

Opthalmic payments

Your new Opthalmic Payments systems are live and in use. 

Data User Certification Request Form for Access to Open Exeter (GP Practice)

Data User Certification Request Form for Access to Open Exeter (non-GP Practice organisations)

Revocation Form for Open Exeter Web Browser Users

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