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Breast screening services

NHS Digital supports breast screening services in the UK, providing the software to manage the call and recall of women who are eligible for breast screening.

User authentication via Care Identity Service 2: Care Identity Authentication (CIS2:CIA) and smart cards

The BS-Select and BSIS systems are changing the way its users authenticate their identity. Users will no longer login via Open Exeter, as both BS-Select and BSIS are moving to user authentication via CIS2 and smart cards

The roll out of CIS2 and smart card logins for BS-Select started in March 2022. It is anticipated that BSIS will also change its user authentication from Open Exeter to CIS2 and smart cards in 2023. 

Learn more about the NHS Care Identity Service 2

Breast screening in England

Breast Screening Select

Women in England are called and recalled for screening using Breast Screening Select (BSS), a browser-based application.

Using BSS, you can:

  • flag subjects as potentially being at a higher risk from breast cancer
  • add episodes to a subject's screening history
  • cease subjects from the system
  • produce reports
  • view contact lists
  • customise parameters for your local breast screening office

BSS downloads

Breast Screening Information System

Breast Screening Information System (BSIS) is a browser-based application, that allows authorised users to:

  • upload radiology and KC62 annual returns data
  • produce reports for both radiology and KC62 returns
  • add, view and edit film readers
  • review any issues with uploaded KC62 returns data

The KC62 is a national statistical mandatory return that all breast screening units in England are required to undertake on an annual basis.

BSIS downloads

Breast screening in Northern Ireland and Wales

Women in Northern Ireland and Wales who are eligible for breast screening are selected using the National Health Application and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS) breast screening system.

The NHAIS Breast Screening System allows you to:

  • manage the call/recall process for eligible women
  • print invitation letters
  • record a woman's attendance at a screening clinic

The system also contains functions for reporting and statistical analysis.

Download the Breast Screening User Reference Manual.

Contact details

Contact details

Contact the Exeter helpdesk by emailing [email protected] or by calling 0300 303 4034.

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