Calculating Quality Reporting Service

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The Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) is an approvals, reporting and payments calculation system for GP practices.

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CQRS is commissioned by NHS England to help practices track, monitor and declare Achievement for Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), Direct Enhanced Services (DES) and Vaccination and Immunisation (V&I) programmes.

The GP Extraction System (GPES) collects information for a wide range of purposes and it works in conjunction with CQRS and GP clinical systems as part of our GP Collections Service. Achievement data is either extracted from clinical systems by clinical system suppliers and sent to CQRS via GPES, or manually entered directly onto CQRS at practice level.

As well as calculating achievement for payment, CQRS is also used to facilitate GP practice participation in enhanced services, such as the GP Workload Tool and National Diabetes Audit.

How CQRS works

Once NHSE contract negotiations are finalised for the financial year, Quality Services are made available on the CQRS system. Commissioning organisations (regional local offices and Clinical Commissioning Groups) offer out the services for their GP practices to accept. Once approved, GPES sends aggregated, non-patient identifiable achievement data to CQRS for participating practices.

CQRS calculates a Quality Service Achievement based on the data it receives from GPES and other sources (for example any manual data input). If applicable, it then sends a message to the National Health Applications and Infrastructure Services (NHAIS) to process payments to the GP practices.

CQRS training is accessed via an online training guide (CQRS Learning Centre), which includes: 

  • online courses including: 
    - introduction to CQRS 
    - how to participate in a service 
    - manually entering data 
    - reports and administration
  • job aids and resources including: 
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    - step-by-step tutorials 
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  • Access the online training - log in details are not required.