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The system provides the facility to capture the reason why a child has not been measured. This could be because of:

  • parental opt-out
  • child opt-out
  • absent
  • no longer at school
  • school opt-out
  • unsuitable for measurement due to physical impairment
  • unable or unwilling to comply due to cognitive impairment
  • other

To record opt-out of NCMP measurement:

1. In the Schools page click the Pupil Grid link for the school where you want to record the pupil opt-out.

2. Click the measurements tab.

3. Locate the relevant pupil you want to record the opt out for. Click the not measured button for that pupil. 

5. In the dialog box, click the dropdown arrow to select a reason for the opt-out.  

6. Click the save non measurement reason button.  

You do not need to delete pupils from the system if they have not been measured, for whatever reason.  You can leave these records in the system and it will automatically calculate the total number of non-measured children for the different reasons for non-measurement. The LA edited pupil count will not auto-update in any instances where a non-measurement reason code has been applied to a record so please ensure you adjust your pupil counts if any children are not eligible for measurement.   

Children considered not eligible for measurement are those who are no longer at school, and those who are not able to be measured due to physical or cognitive impairment. In these cases, decrease the LA edited pupil count for that school by the appropriate amount and if you have left the unmeasured record in place, enter the appropriate non-measurement reason.

Last edited: 25 August 2021 7:37 am