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It is possible, at any time, to export all the data you have entered into the NCMP IT System to offline Excel files which can be used to update your own Child Health Systems and additional analysis you may doing.  

The letter generation file 

Can be used when you would like to produce parental feedback letters to parents.

Data files

Is all the information you initially entered, but with no additional calculations produced by the system.

Combined file

Presents variables from both datasets which will enable you to carry out your own detailed analysis in one place without the need for additional data linkage. This file also provides BMI centile (PScore) to four decimal places and will enable you to extract this data without having to use the letter generation extract thereby allowing accurate tracking of parental feedback.

Within the Pupil Data page

1. Click on all pupils for local authority from the upload pupils list page.

2. Export records: data combined.

Or you can carry out this task by individual school. 

1. Within the Pupil Data page

2 Click on the pupil grid for the chosen school.

3.Export records data/combined


Depending on the type of data you would like, you may choose to export the letter generation file.  A CSV file will be produced even if you are   not going to create any letters.  Upon producing this file, an envelope symbol will appear beside each record that has been part of this letter generation file.

Last edited: 25 August 2021 7:37 am