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Current chapter – Producing offline data capture tools

The NCMP IT system provides the ability to prepare a number of offline tools for measurement capture, if there is no internet access to use the system in direct online mode

  • a Microsoft Excel data entry worksheet (blank or populated with pupil data) for downloading to a laptop or similar, for the purpose of recording measurement data electronically but offline (No internet). Once completed, the worksheet can be directly uploaded to the NCMP IT system at a later date when internet access is available
  • a paper measurement form (blank or populated with pupil data) for recording measurement data and inputting the results manually into the system at a later date when internet access is available

Download the excel data entry aid

1. Navigate to the schools tab on the top NCMO menu. 

2, Your school list is shown. Click the Pupil Grid link for the school from which you want to download the Excel data entry aid.

3. Under the data entry aid heading click either

  • blank to download an unpopulated data entry aid
  • populated to download a copy of the data entry aid populated with pupil data for the selected school  

populated data entry aid screen

populated data entry aid

NCMP data entry aid collection year template

Blank data entry aid

4. The downloaded file should be saved in a folder on your computer’s hard drive. We have explained these steps using Microsoft Excel 2010 running on a Windows 7 operating system. This process may alter slightly if you are using a different operating system or different version of excel. 

5. Click the file tab in Microsoft excel.

6. Select save as.

7.Select a location and save your file and click save.

8. Once the data entry aid has been completed, it can be uploaded directly back to the NCMP IT system as a Microsoft Excel file without being converted to a CSV file.

9. On the top menu, select Pupil Data.

10. On the upload pupil list click the browse file button to search for the data entry aid to upload from your computer.

11.  Navigate to and select the data entry aid to upload and click Open.

12. The filename of the file to upload is shown, Click upload.

13. The uploaded data is shown in a staging/preview grid. Here you can review the data and correct any errors

14. If you are happy with the data and no errors are showing, click complete upload. Alternatively  to cancel the upload click cancel upload.

15. If you have completed the upload,  you will then receive a report detailing the number of new pupils uploaded, existing pupils updated and the total records in the data entry aid. 

16. Click the View uploaded pupils’ link to see any new pupils added.

There is no limit to the number of times you can upload the data entry aid to the system, each upload will overwrite the previous matching pupil records.

Last edited: 25 August 2021 7:36 am