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National Adult Social Care Intelligence Service (NASCIS)

The National Adult Social Care Intelligence Service (NASCIS) was a single national resource of social care information for England. It had a collection of data, tools and resources designed to meet the needs of service planners, managers, researchers and policy makers and others.


Page closing

Page closing

NASCIS has been decommissioned and this page will be closing in 2020. Use the information on this page for reference only.

To see more recent data, please visit the social care collections page.

The NASCIS website included social care activity and finance data up to March 2015 and Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) data up to March 2014.

In NASCIS you could view and download the following social care data:

  • referrals, assessments and packages of care
  • adult social care activity
  • social care expenditure
  • abuse of vulnerable adults
  • Adult and Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF)
  • joint strategic needs assessment
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