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Mobile Technology Investment Toolkit


The benefits of mobile working in healthcare are considerable and well-publicised. Our Mobile Technology Investment Toolkit contains support and guidance on initiating and implementing mobile working programmes and projects.

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Download the Mobile Technology Investment Toolkit - find out about initiating and implementing mobile working programmes

Who is the toolkit for?

The toolkit will help Chief Information Officers, Chief Clinical Information Officers, commissioners, providers and their teams to use mobile technology to improve quality, increase productivity and deliver efficiency savings through transformation at the point of care.

What's in the toolkit?

This toolkit contains:

  • innovative examples, success stories and lessons learned  to inform your vision and strategy
  • knowledge, practical guidance and tips to deliver effective mobile technology solutions
  • practical tools and resources to help you when implementing mobile technology solutions
  • key success factors and how to maximise benefits, along with a return on investment

How has this toolkit been developed?

We've collaborated with trusts and project teams, and reviewed NHS England Technology Fund projects to bring you the latest knowledge, practical guidance and top-tips for success.

It also includes examples of exciting and innovative mobile working solutions, with first-hand insights from successful projects. This will help you to find solutions for your own needs.

Download the toolkit 
Our executive summary 
Going mobile with community health records  
Empower your workforce by using mobile devices at scale 
Innovative use of mobile technology  
Innovative way to access national spine services (Oxygen app) 

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