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iView and iViewPlus

Making data more easily accessible to a wider range of data users than ever before. Access and extract information to meet your own needs - make selections, view comparisons, create tables and generate graphs.

iView plus service ending 31 July 2022

The iView Plus system is being decommissioned on the 31 July 2022.  If you have any issues or concerns, please email our contact centre  

Becoming a user is quick and easy but there are some restrictions on who can access some of the data. If you don't already use the NHS Digital single sign-on system you'll have to register for an account.

About iView

iView is an online service that provides health and social care data to authorised users. Designed for professionals, users can query, visualise and share data.

The service is free and allows you to:

  • access information - choose to view a variety of different data
  • build reports - cross reference, benchmark and make comparisons
  • generate charts - customised reports in tables and graphs
  • export data - copy to Excel to manipulate data your way
  • save reports - store your favourite reports, views and graphs for future presentations and meetings

iView is being replaced by iViewPlus

iView is in the process of being replaced by iViewPlus, an update to the tool that offers enhanced functionality. A wide range of health and social care datasets are scheduled to be introduced to the system in the future so that customers can take advantage of the enhanced functionality provided by iViewPlus.

The following data areas are currently available on the iView platform:

  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) prescribing 
  • Dental Activity Data
  • Estates and facilities 
  • National Bowel Cancer Audit
  • NHS Diagnostic Imaging Data
  • PCT Prescribing
  • Social Care (NASCIS)
  • Workforce Annual Census Data
  • Workforce General Practitioners Quarterly Data
  • Workforce Monthly Data

Further information about data areas is available on iView.

The following data areas are awaiting migration to the new iViewPlus platform:

  • Workforce monthly data
  • Innovation Scorecard
  • Children and Young People's Health Services (CYPHS) 
  • eMED3 (fit notes) 
  • National Adult Social Care Intelligence Service (NASCIS) 
  • HES
  • Estates and facilities 
  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) prescribing 
  • Workforce GP Quarterly 
  • Diagnostic imaging 
  • Metadata 

Data areas currently available on iViewPlus:

  • Mental health services
  • Maternity services

Further information

internal iViewPlus user guide

Guidance on using the new iViewPlus tool, from creating and running a query to sharing dashboards with other users.

internal iViewPlus terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to both published and unpublished data unless otherwise stated. The right of access cannot be transferred to anyone else.

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