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Emergency Department Digital Integration

As part of the NHS 111 First programme, the Emergency Department Digital Integration (EDDI) will enable emergency department slot booking from 111 telephone and online services.

About the platform

From December 2020, the EDDI platform will enable NHS 111 providers to give patients a time slot for emergency department appointments. 

The system will allow the emergency department to define their capacity by knowing the number of patients that can arrive at a certain time.

The EDDI is a web-based platform that can be accessed via any modern web browser. Patient information, including the clinical triage, will be sent via NHS 111 ITK CDA referral messages to the EDDI from 111 telephone and online systems.

The booking of the arrival time will be done using the UEC Care Connect booking standard.

How it works

A patient contacts the 111 telephone service or uses NHS 111 online and is advised to go to an emergency department.

They are given a time to arrive.

The staff know when to expect the patient.

The patient will be assessed in the normal way when they arrive at the emergency department.

Why the EDDI has been created

The EDDI has been created because there is a significant need to avoid any overcrowding, especially as social distancing rules will need to be maintained. 

During the initial coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, there was a significant drop in the number of patients using emergency departments in England. At the same time, the use of the NHS 111 telephone and online services increased. However, since lockdown has eased, emergency departments have seen their numbers increase again, towards pre-coronavirus levels. 

The strategic direction for appointment booking into emergency departments from NHS 111 remains system-to-system integration. This is the optimum solution - it will establish a stable, long-term platform and provide a seamless experience for users.

In the future, we could work with emergency department IT suppliers to meet the standards, if mandated by policy.

Find out more about supplier conformance

Last edited: 1 September 2020 8:51 pm