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Advice and guidance for service definers

The NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) allows service definers to set up advice and guidance services to support clinicians managing patients through complex care pathways.

Practical information on how to use advice and guidance

To use advice and guidance, you should:

  • review current services with clinicians, wherever possible, to fully engage them with e-RS
  • use the service directory enquiry to access internal advice and guidance services in an easy to read format, for example: by speciality
  • confirm with clinicians and e-RS leads or service managers that existing services are profiled appropriately, and new services are correct, before publishing
  • review external local and national services, using the Directory of Services tab (via the service provider clinician/admin role), to find other services that are set up as advice and guidance
  • use the extract EBSX05 (combined with others) using the information analyst role
  • ensure that local commissioners (CCGs) are kept informed about new and updated advice and guidance services

Learn more about advice and guidance by using the e-RS training pages or help files (N3/HSCN connection required).  

What service definers can do

We have created a high level guide to using advice and guidance for service definers.  


Understand local and national data within e-RS to analyse existing advice and guidance services by:

Planning and commissioning

Work with e-RS leads, service managers and clinicians to:

  • review and revise existing advice and guidance services, to ensure they are functioning optimally

Decide on how advice and guidance services are going to be set up. This could be:

  • an appointment and advice and guidance service or an advice and guidance only service
  • available locally on the primary care menu (these services will need to be commissioned) or nationally on the secondary care menu
  • give consultants and other professional users access for relevant advice and guidance clinics by adding them to relevant workgroups 
  • ensure services are published and available to referrers, by checking the service directory enquiry, or the DOS (service definers will need to ask a user with another role, for example service provider clinician or administrator or commissioner, to look at services on the DOS)
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