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Advice and guidance enhanced reporting - NHS e-Referral Service

In March 2018 new functionality was introduced to the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS). This allowed users with the Information Analyst role assigned to their smartcard to request information instantly from e-RS.

The function is initially enabled to extract data relating to advice and guidance requests. Enhancing the way in which data can be reported on allows access to information much quicker.

How to use the advice and guidance report

Within the "Reports" tab a new advice and guidance hyperlink is displayed.

NHS e-Referral Service reports tab - new advice and guidance functionality

Reports will:

  • contain advice and guidance activity relevant to your organisation
  • download as a CSV file
  • run by setting specific date parameters
  • be available to download for seven calendar days once they have been run

Data range criteria

Data can be requested for up to 18 full calendar months. This would include the current month minus one day.

e-RS Advice and guidance activity log - adding date range criteriaExample

  1. A report is being requested on the 26/02/2018 
  2. The report needs to include the last 18 months of data
  3. The criteria entered would be: 01/08/2017 to the 25/02/2018
  4. The data received would show:
    • full calendar months (01/08/2017 – 31/01/2018)
    • all the days in the current calendar month minus one (01/02/2018 – 25/02/2018)

Downloading the report

A message will confirm that the report is being generated.

Once the report is available for download it will be displayed in the "My reports" section.

e-RS Advice and guidance activity log reporting tab

The "My reports" section will display all reports that:

  • are being generated
  • are available for download
  • have been requested but an error has occurred

Advice and guidance activity log reports - my reports

The report will be displayed in this section for 7 calendar days after the request was made.

The size of the data being extracted will determine when the report will be available.

The "Refresh page" link is available to check on the progress of the report.

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