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EBSX reports

Extracts are data files that can be can be downloaded from the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS). After being downloaded, extracts can be unzipped and imported into data analysis software.

We recommend you use a suitable application to open and analyse the reports, such as a relational database (for example, MS Access), as this will simplify creating the relationships between extracts. Excel spreadsheets may not be able to handle the amount of data in a report.

The supporting files below provide information on the extracts available and how to gain meaningful information. Included is a high level coding document to support information analysts in obtaining advice and guidance data required for the e-RS CQUIN (Commissioning for Quality and Innovation).

Find out further information about the extracts from the e-RS Help (N3/HSCN connection required).

Download EBSX05 reports

Download EBSX04 reports

Download EBSX03 reports

Visit our archive to see older reports.

Download our earlier reports through the national archive.

There are also further links to earlier reports from the national archive pages.  

Translating extracts

Our translating extracts instructions shows how to decode extract information to make it more meaningful. This is done using a VLOOKUP function within MS Excel. In this example, we're using the EBSX05, generally known as the directory of services (DoS) extract, but the same principles would apply to any of the extracts in the system.

Extracting advice and guidance information

Our extracting advice and guidance (A&G) information is aimed at information analysts and covers instructions and coding to extract A&G data from the EBSX02.

Users with the information analyst role have the ability to request information instantly from e-RS. Find out more in this advice and guidance enhanced reporting information.

Information can also be accessed from the system help function (N3/HSCN connection is required). 

Extracts available

The following extracts are available to users with the information analyst role on their smartcards. They can be found on the reports section in e-RS. To view extracts in e-RS please use Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Up-to-date EBSX03, 04 and 05 extracts which do not contain any Personal Identifiable Data are published on this page
  • EBSX02 UBRN action extract - daily and monthly CSV extract of ANY action on a UBRN within a reporting period - available at organisational level and as a national view
  • EBSX03 codified fields extract - calendar monthly CSV extract which contains sufficient e-RS reference data for the reporting period that has just ended
  • EBSX04 organisational extract - extract of all active organisations within a reporting period
  • EBSX05 service extract - extract of all active services within a reporting period
  • EBSX06 user extract - extract of all active users within a reporting period
  • EBSX08 role profile extract - extract of all active unique user roles within a reporting period
  • EBSX12 worklist drop offs - extract of all referrals, from the previous reporting week, that have dropped off the appointment slot issue and appointment for booking worklists, after 180 days of no activity

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