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Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions Web Services - SOAP API

Get prescription dispenser information for a patient, using NHS UK Web Services.


Use this API to get Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) dispenser (and dispensing appliance contractor) information for a patient via NHS UK Web Services.

You can search for dispenser information using:

  • a valid ODS code (previously known as NACS code)
  • their name and service type (community pharmacy or appliance contractor), and whether they are EPS-enabled or not
  • their name and location and the service type, and whether they are EPS-enabled or not
  • their postcode and service type, and whether they are EPS-enabled or not

Use this API if you are building GP software - it provides additional information about dispensing appliance contractors that is not available through Electronic Prescription Service Directory of Services API.

As one of the Directory of Services APIs, this also provides data to the Electronic Prescription Service Directory of Services API.

Before you begin any development work using this API, contact us to discuss your best options.

Who can use this API

This API can only be used to support the delivery of health and social care.

API status and roadmap

This API is stable.

To see our roadmap, or to suggest, comment or vote on features for this API, see our interactive product backlog.

If you have any other queries, please contact us.

Service level

This API is a bronze service, meaning it is operational and supported only during business hours (8am to 6pm), Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

For more details, see service levels.


This API is a SOAP API. 

For more details, see Basic SOAP.

Network access

This API is available on the internet and, indirectly, on the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

For more details see Network access for APIs.

Security and authorisation

This API is open-access, which means:

  • we do not authenticate or authorise the calling application

  • we do not authenticate or authorise the end user - they might not even be present


This API is open-access, and there is no onboarding process or assurance required.


For a full list of interactions for this API, see Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions Web Services.

Last edited: 20 January 2022 3:50 pm