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Archive of General Practice Workforce publications


Following user and stakeholder consultation, during 2018 and 2019 we have made a range of revisions to our data processing and estimations methodologies, introduced a new data source for GP Registrars and revised the September 2015 to December 2016 full-time equivalent (FTE) GP locum estimates. As a result, to avoid confusion and ensure that out-of-date figures are not used, we have recalculated the historical figures using these new methodologies which means the figures in the old publications have been superseded.

We have therefore archived the publications listed below as the figures they contain have been updated in the unarchived publications.

More information about the changes to our processing and the revised General Practice Workforce figures can be found on the General Practice Workforce September 2019 publication page at The figures in this and successive publications will be produced using the new methodologies.

We advise you to use the revised figures to understand the general practice workforce and disregard the original figures but have retained links to the old publications for reference.

Past publications