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General Practice Workforce 30 September 2019

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General Practice Workforce 30 September 2019

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As part of the 31 December 2021 publication, released on 10 February 2022, we introduced a significant methodological change and recalculated and re-published all historical figures back to September 2015, which means that figures in that release differ from and supersede those previously published, including those in this publication.

These pages have been retained in the publication archive for your reference, but the figures presented should no longer be used.

Please see the Methodological Review and Changes page of the December 2021 publication for an explanation of the changes.

10 February 2022 00:00 AM


This quarterly report presents data about GPs, Nurses, Direct Patient Care and Admin/Non-Clinical staff working in General Practice in England, along with information on their patients and practices. All data is final at publication.

Following recent investigations into the GP locum data within this collection, we have revised the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) figures for GP Locums in September 2015, March 2016, September 2016 and December 2016. Revised England-level GP Locum FTE figures for September 2015 to December 2016 have been included in this publication, and the previous breaks in the FTE time series have been removed. Revised regional figures for September 2015 to December 2016 will be produced in due course where applicable, and for this publication will be displayed as of Unknown region in the accompanying Power BI dashboard. The GP headcount time series remains unaltered. Please see the data quality statement for further detail.

Information about the contents of this publication and how it can and cannot be used, can be found in the Report tab. Our publication includes information on recent and planned changes as well as highlighting future developments.

We are continually working to improve our publications and welcome feedback from all our users, by email to:

Various data breakdowns are available in the accompanying Excel and CSV files, including time series and breakdowns by categories such as age and gender. Data is also presented regionally and at practice level for September 2019 in the accompanying CSVs.

This publication also features an interactive dashboard which allows users to explore the underlying data in a variety of ways. This can be accessed by clicking on the dashboard link below.

Links to other publications presenting healthcare workforce information can be found under Related Links.

Latest figures, for 30 September 2019:

Full-Time Equivalent

is a standardised measure of the workload of an employed person and allows for the total workforce workload to be expressed in an equivalent number of full-time staff. 1.0 FTE equates to full-time work of 37.5 hours per week, an FTE of 0.5 would equate to 18.75 hours per week.

All GPs

34,862 Full-time equivalent  (0.9% (328) more than September 2018)

45,625 Headcount  (2.8% (1,247) more than September 2018)

Fully qualified GPs (excludes Registrars)

28,315 Full-time equivalent  (1.2% (340) less than September 2018)

38,944 Headcount  (1.4% (546) more than September 2018)

Qualified permanent GPs (excludes Registrars and Locums)

26,958 Full-time equivalent  (1.8% (489) less than September 2018)

34,586 Headcount  (1.1% (373) more than September 2018)


16,573 Full-time equivalent  (1.8% (297) more than September 2018)

23,834 Headcount  (1.8% (428) more than September 2018)

Direct patient care staff

13,565 Full-time equivalent  (8.0% (1,010) more than September 2018)

19,973 Headcount  (6.3% (1,185) more than September 2018)

Admin / non-clinical staff

67,952 Full-time equivalent  (2.8% (1,823) more than September 2018)

96,187 Headcount  (2.1% (1,958) more than September 2018)

These figures include estimates for practices not providing complete and valid data. The percentage of practices requiring full or partial estimations are shown in Table 1 in the Report tab.

Comments and feedback are welcomed by NHS Digital, via (clearly stating GP Workforce as the subject heading) or 0300 303 5678.

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