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General Practitioner Workforce in Alternative Settings, Experimental Statistics


In August and November 2019, we published new and experimental statistics on the General Practitioner Workforce in Alternative Settings. Experimental Statistics are Official Statistics that are released while still under development and user feedback helps us evaluate their usefulness and suitability.

The data underpinning these Experimental Statistics were provided in aggregate form by CCGs. We highlighted concerns with the suitability of collecting data in this way and with the overall data quality in our initial publications. As we have been unable to resolve these data quality issues, we are no longer able to publish these as Official Statistics although high-level counts may continue to be released as management information on the Supplementary Information section of our website at

We are working closely with our stakeholders and data providers to investigate options and opportunities for collecting better quality and suitable data about the General Practitioner and Primary Care Workforces in Alternative Settings.

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