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The general practice data shows numbers and details of GPs, Nurses, Direct Patient Care and Admin/Non-Clinical staff working in General Practice in England, along with information on their practices, staff, patients, and the services they provide. This page includes links to all publications in this series, with the most recent at the top.

In 2020, we were asked by stakeholders to collect and publish data in the GP Workforce on a monthly basis to provide them with the most up-to-date information possible and the first of these monthly publications was released for October 2020. However, it is evident that the transition to a monthly collection at that time led to a decrease in the quality and completeness of the data, particularly relating to 'ad-hoc' or 'infrequent' locums which undermines the integrity of the figures. As a result, we are temporarily reverting to a quarterly collection and publication series although we expect the monthly process to resume during 2021. We are preserving the October and November 2020 publications for transparency purposes, but figures from those releases are not included in this or any future time series, and we will not use them in any further analysis or publications.

These releases include as standard a bulletin Excel file containing full-time equivalent (FTE) and headcount figures by gender and role, age band and work commitment at England-level, along with patient counts. The main bulletin will also include STP and CCG breakdowns by role and ethnicity.

In addition to the Excel file, we release two CSVs presenting aggregate figures for each practice and data for each individual job role filled, reported under its CCG (practice and individual level). We also aim to refresh the interactive Power BI dashboard.

Every six months: We will continue to produce additional tables for March and September’s data, which consist of regional and experimental tables in Excel. The regional Excel file will contain STP and CCG breakdowns of figures on work commitments and patient ratios, alongside full-time equivalent (FTE) and headcount interactive tables. The experimental Excel file will contain tables of leaver and joiner figures for some GPs. The first release of these files was for September 2020's data, when the files were released separately, on 26 November 2020. For the March 2021 release, all files have been published as part of the same release, on 6 May 2021.

We are continually working to improve the way in which we collect, analyse and publish data about the general practice workforce, and following user and stakeholder consultation we made a range of improvements in 2019 to our data sources, data processing and estimations methodologies. Following this we recalculated and revised the historical time series figures - from 2015 to present - using these new methodologies and updated them in the General Practice Workforce September 2019 publication. The revised time series is not comparable with the 2015 onward figures released in earlier publications, which have therefore been archived. This ensures a consistent time series is now available for users. For more detail see the data quality statements that accompany the publications.

The data source and methodology changed in 2015 and the earlier figures are not comparable with the current time series figures from September 2015 onward.

From July 2019, GP practices began joining Primary Care Networks (PCN) which offer a range of primary care services to patients and employ new specialist staff such as clinical pharmacists, social prescribing link workers, physiotherapists, physician associates and paramedics. New experimental statistics for this PCN workforce have been published in the Primary Care Network Workforce series at

In the "Resources" section at the bottom of this page you can find our interactive Power BI dashboard, and our series-level historic data quality statement. Each publication also includes its own publication-specific data quality statement.

The interactive Power BI dashboard allows users to explore the underlying data in a variety of ways. Please provide any feedback on this product to with “GP Workforce dashboard” in the subject line of your email, or via NHS Digital enquiries on 0300 303 5678.

This series was formerly known as "General and Personal Medical Services".

Note - the interactive dashboard at the foot of this page is in Microsoft PowerBI which does not fully support all accessibility needs. If you need further assistance, please contact us for help.

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