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Terminology servers

Keep terminologies and classifications in your health and care systems up to date, and share and understand coded information across systems, using terminology servers.

Using terminology servers simplifies the process of sharing and understanding recorded data.

Terminologies and classifications are in widespread use across the health and care sector, often made available in different formats. Terminologies and classifications turn narrative information into machine readable codes which can be shared and understood by different systems.

A FHIR® compliant terminology server provides consistent formats and access methods across every terminology or classification it contains. This can help systems be able to use more terminologies and classifications without additional effort, and to share and reuse recorded data more easily.

A terminology server also makes it possible to load local codes and map these to national codes or other local or system codes.

The NHS Digital Terminology Server is a FHIR® compliant solution that holds and disseminates assured international terminologies and classifications  (such as SNOMED-CT and ICD-10) and national terminologies (such as NHS Data Model and Dictionary codes).

We have developed the NHS Digital Terminology Server to deliver assured content in FHIR® compliant, machine readable formats – regardless of which terminology is being accessed. The accuracy of the content is maintained through tightly managed editorial controls. This will remove the need to manually update your systems with downloaded content from TRUD and other terminology sites.

There is also a syndication feed (API) which enables content to be syndicated across a group of terminology servers. This allows you to share your own terminologies with others.

Potential users who will benefit from using the NHS Digital terminology server include:

  • providers of health and care services
  • commissioners of health and care services
  • population health managers
  • suppliers in the health and care market
  • researchers and analysts

Access to some of the content within the NHS Digital Terminology Server will be freely available for read access (such as Data Dictionary). Other content will be subject to access controls appropriate to the licensed content (such as SNOMED CT).

Approved users will be able to draw upon content from the NHS Digital Terminology Server to create their own databases, where they will be able to map local and existing codes with other coding systems such as SNOMED-CT.

Code systems, value sets and concept maps for a growing number of national and internationally assured terminologies and classifications are included in the NHS Digital Terminology Server.

We plan to load the following terminologies and classifications:

You may want to buy your own terminology server, to manage and create content yourself and share it with other terminology servers, including the NHS Digital Terminology Server. We have set up a framework agreement with DXC which could provide an efficient route for you to buy your own terminology server.

For more information on NHS Digital's terminology server, submit an enquiry form to DXC.

Last edited: 9 November 2020 6:40 pm