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1-Click Service support for system suppliers

The 1-Click Service is a simpler and less resource intensive method of viewing Summary Care Record Application (SCRa) supported services within local applications. This page provides information for system suppliers deploying 1-Click Service functionality.

Important information for suppliers interested in implementing or currently using the 1-Click Service

Following the development of the National Care Records Service (NCRS) which is the new and improved successor to the SCRa, NHS Digital are discontinuing onboarding new customers who wish to develop to use the 1-Click Service.

This is because the 1-Click Service will soon be replaced by a new solution that will launch NCRS from local patient record management systems, displaying the patient from the calling application in context, in NCRS. The new solution will perform a similar function to the 1-Click Service but will provide users with extra functionality (dependent on a user’s access rights). 

New customers will be onboarded to the new solution and systems that are currently using 1-Click will be able to move across to the new solution.

Further updates will be provided on this page in due course.

An introduction to the 1-Click Service

The 1-Click Service is a browser-based extension to local patient record management systems. It allows health and care professionals, with appropriate access, to click and launch Spine-authenticated applications in a separate window. It opens a subset of the SCRa functionality.

This requires less development effort than other SCR integration options since many of the functional requirements are already met by the 1-Click Service. This solution results in a more continuous user experience, when compared with using the SCRa alone. 

Services currently available via 1-Click Service are:

Summary Care Record (SCR) via the 1-Click Service

An SCR should only be viewed if the health and care professional is involved in the patient's care. This is called a 'legitimate relationship'.

The patient should be asked for their permission before their SCR is viewed. This is called 'Permission to View'. Permission to View is designed to ensure that a patient has been informed about how their personal information is being used. It also allows the patient to determine who can view this information in the context of the care being provided to them.

The ways that health and social care operates are diverse and the approach to implementing Permission to View will vary. The Permission to View guidelines are available to support organisations to implement it effectively.

Users must have smartcards with the correct codes enabled and a connection to the secure NHS network.

Health and care professionals should:

  1. Log on to their local system using their smartcard.
  2. Choose the correct job role for accessing 1-Click if they have more than one job role on their smartcard.
  3. Search for the patient, using NHS number if possible.
  4. Select the 1-Click Service button to launch the 1-Click Service in a child browser window.
  5. Ask for the patient's permission to view the SCR and record it, or choose the emergency access option if the patient is unconscious or can't answer, and add a note.

SCR context training

For those organisations new to SCR there is an ‘Open access session’ of e-learning available. The purpose of this training is to provide potential users of the system with an overview of the SCR and a step-by-step guide on how to use it, together with the elements that you need to be aware of to protect you and patients when accessing patient data. There are new sections relating to the enriched contents of SCR and video case studies to see where SCR can be, and is, used.

Summary Care Records interactive e-learning

Privacy officer

Organisations wishing to view SCRs must appoint and train a privacy officer for the organisation, who will monitor SCR access - for more information see information governance in SCR.

Useful resources

Summary Care Records (SCR) - NHS Digital

Quicker access to the Summary Care Record for community pharmacies

Summary Care Records - Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Child Protection - Information Sharing via the 1-Click Service

The Child Protection - Information Sharing project (CP-IS) is helping health and social care staff to share information securely to better protect society's most vulnerable children.

CP-IS - Implementation process for healthcare organisations

Coronavirus vaccination information via the 1-Click Service

A new COVID-19 Vaccination tab is available to clinicians using the 1-Click Service, following a recent development supported by senior clinical leads from both NHS England and NHS Digital, and in consultation with frontline clinicians. This will provide the broadest possible nationally available mechanism to present coronavirus vaccination events.

Summary Care Record application (SCRa) coronavirus vaccination information

Reasonable Adjustment Flag via the 1-Click Service 

The Reasonable Adjustment Flag is a national record which indicates that reasonable adjustments are required for an individual and optionally include details of their significant impairments and key adjustments that should be considered.

Reasonable Adjustment Flag

Set up your healthcare organisation to use the 1-Click Service

The process will vary, but as a guide you will need to:

  • discuss and agree sites where 1-Click Service capability will be set up
  • assess IT systems to find the best technical solutions
  • decide what training staff need and how to provide it
  • identify which staff should have access and make sure they have the correct Role Based Access Control codes on their smartcards

For organisations that wish to know more about the future utilisation of the capability and how the 1-Click Service complements and extends their existing care delivery, please contact: [email protected].

If you are interested in setting up your organisation so that your staff can view SCR information, contact the SCR team by completing our Summary Care Record new interest form.

Developing the service

If you wish to develop the 1-Click Service, you need to get your software approved by us before it can go live. We call this onboarding.

  1. The first step is to submit your interest.  
  2. Design and build your software.
  3. NHS Digital will provide a client pack including requirements, test scripts, test scenarios and test URLs
  4. Test your software.
  5. Get your software onboarded via the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) - find out more about the full SCAL requirement.
  6. Connect to Live.

The assurance process will ensure compliance with regulations and laws such as security, clinical safety, information governance.


The 1-Click Service requires NHS Credential Management to authenticate in secure modern browsers.

Future plans for 1-Click Service functionality

The future move to the National Care Records Service pilot will provide a new look and feel, and access to additional services for customers of the 1-Click Service.

Further information

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