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Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS)

The Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) is a secure data collection system used by health and social care organisations to submit data to NHS Digital.

We manage access to SDCS by granting individual users permissions to complete specific collections.

To access SDCS you must have:

  • the appropriate permissions for each data collection you want to submit data for (granted by NHS Digital)
  • a valid single sign-on account (SSO) account 

We can only register 1 or 2 data submitters for each collection. How many we can register depends on the specific requirements of the collection. 

To ask for access to SDCS to submit data, contact, and give them your:

  • name
  • personal work email address
  • phone number
  • name of organisation you work for
  • ODS code of organisation you work for
  • name of the collection or collections you need to submit data for

We can only grant permissions to your personal work email address.


  • Tick Image

    use your personal work email address which includes your name, for example

Do not

  • Cross Image

    do not use a shared or team email address, for example

  • Cross Image

    do not use a personal private email address, for example

I do not know the ODS code of my organisation
My organisation does not have an ODS code

An ODS code is needed to take part in any SDCS data collection.

Email to request an ODS code request form.

Visit to register for an account, if you do not already have one. Use the same personal email address that you used in your request. 

When you have been given permissions for an SDCS collection, you will be sent an automated email invitation, including the link to SDCS for that collection.

You need to sign into the system within 30 days of getting the email to activate your account.

Read the detailed web guidance on SDCS for more information, including how to request another user is added or request that a user is removed from your organisation, accessing the web-based SDCS system, submitting data files, and viewing and downloading submitted data.

The link to access SDCS for most data collections is:

Some data collections have a different URL, that is unique to that data collection. They are:

Visit our list of data collections to find out more about the data collections that we manage.

If you need more help or have any questions, email

Further information

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