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Strategic Data Collection Service in the cloud (SDCS Cloud)

The Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) in the cloud is the new way to submit mental health and maternity services data to NHS Digital.

The new tool for submitting data to NHS Digital

The data sets currently submitted using SDCS Cloud are:

Mental Health Services Data Set (MHSDS)

Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS).

SDCS Cloud will provide:

  • improved user experience and faster data quality feedback
  • a secure solution using the cloud technology of the future which will integrate with our improved data processing services

SDCS Cloud is a completely new tool, and different from other existing SDCS collection tools, as it is being designed from the ground up to optimise use in the cloud.

It uses a two-factor authentication as the secure method of confirming user identity using a combination of two different factors.

It is also an internet-facing service that does not require an N3 or HSCN connection, making it easier for more providers to submit data.

SDCS and our improved data processing services

We are using modern data processing services to streamline and automate existing ways of collecting, processing and accessing data. This will give us the power to process larger volumes of data, faster than ever before, whilst providing the tools to manage incoming data to ensure it is accurate, useful and secure.

Submission windows

Registering for SDCS Cloud

To register for an SDCS Cloud account, please complete the relevant Data User Certificate (DUC) form found below.

Download the Maternity Services DUC form.

Download the Mental Health DUC form.

If you encounter any problems when registering, please contact the National Service Desk 0300 303 5035 or by emailing

Password resets and locked accounts

If you require a password reset, please contact the National Service Desk 0300 303 5035 or

Accounts not active for three months will be locked. If this happens, users should contact National Service Desk to unlock their account.

Organisation Data Service (ODS) code

If your organisation does not have an ODS code, they will need to register for one before they can complete the DUC form. Learn more about ODS codes.   

Senior information risk owner (SIRO) register

Learn more about how users can find their SIRO

User support and guidance

Release History

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