Organisation Data Service


We're responsible for publishing codes that identify organisations and individuals across health and social care.

Top tasks

Access the ODS portal - this replaces our online enquiries tool. It uses new technology and provides a quick and easy search facility for organisation details (requires an HSCN connection, previously known as N3).

APIs for the Organisation Data Service - we are designing APIs that organisations and developers will be able to use to access ODS information on health and social care organisations.

Data downloads - download text files of bulk ODS data, available as self-extracting zip files. Also available to download as a single package.

Organisation Reference Data (ORD) Changes Engagement Portal - access information about the Organisation Data Changes project. Learn about potential impacts to your organisation and complete our questionnaire.

About the Organisation Data Service

The Organisation Data Service (ODS) is responsible for publishing organisation and practitioner codes, along with related national policies and standards. We're also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the organisation and person nodes of the Spine Directory Service, the central data repository used within various NHS systems and services.

Find out more about Organisation Reference data by reading the fundamental standard.

Our 5 year strategy

In July 2015, we published 'Information and Technology for Better Care'; a strategy that sets out 5 objectives for the next 5 years. In line with this, we have developed our own strategy and our 5 key objectives are to:

  • ensure that our product set is clear, understood and used to maximum effect
  • deliver high quality, relevant products utilising the latest technology
  • deliver exceptional customer service
  • demonstrate good value to the health and social care system
  • manage and communicate our performance

Find out more about our strategy

Contact details

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Further information

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    XML Organisation Data Products

    This page contains background information and a range of supporting materials for the XML Organisation Reference Data Products.