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Organisation Data Service

We're responsible for publishing codes that identify organisations and individuals across health and social care.

  • Access the ODS portal

    Find local authority, commissioner and NHS organisation details quickly using this search facility.

  • Download data

    Download text files of bulk ODS data, available as self-extracting zip files. Also available to download as a single package.

The way you access our data will soon be changing. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are replacing the CSV files used for organisation data.


Learn more about APIs for the Organisation Data Service.

About the Organisation Data Service

The Organisation Data Service (ODS) is responsible for publishing organisation and practitioner codes, along with related national policies and standards. We're also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the organisation and person nodes of the Spine Directory Service, the central data repository used within various NHS systems and services.

Find out more about Organisation Reference data by reading the fundamental standard.

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Contact details

For questions about the Organisation Data Service please contact

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Further information

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    XML Organisation Data Products

    This page contains background information and a range of supporting materials for the XML Organisation Reference Data Products.

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    ODS codes for Cancer Alliances

    Find out about our Organisation Data Service (ODS) codes for Cancer Alliances, and download a list of the latest codes.

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