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Choosing an Organisation Data Service API

Our APIs (Application Programming Interface) provide access to ODS codes and organisation information and support the delivery of healthcare.

NHS England has assumed responsibility for all activities previously undertaken by NHS Digital.

What our APIs are used for

Our APIs are used for obtaining codes and reference data for health and social care organisations to:
  • upload into systems
  • inform reporting/analysis

Choosing an ODS API

The ORD API has a bespoke schema and contains the full organisation data set.

The FHIR API is interoperable with other FHIR APIs and contains a reduced data set with less attributes.

Compare ODS API attributes

FHIR ORD What this feature does
Organisation name, ID and status To identify an organisation and whether it is currently open or closed
Open/close dates To provide confirmation of when organisations opened or closed (legally and/or operationally)
Last change date Find out when the organisation record was last updated
Address To help map healthcare services by geography and reduce postcode disparity
Succession   To provide a record for organisation mergers and acquisitions (where recorded)
Relationships   To provide information that describes the links between 2 entities. For example, if a GP practice is commissioned (financed/contracted) by a sub-ICB location. Types of relationship include:
  • operated by (a site/location is operated by an organisation)
  • commissioned to deliver health and care services by
  • location via postcode, for example if an NHS trust is geographically located in this ICB based on postcode of headquarters 
Roles To provide a list of organisation types and sub types, for example a prescribing cost centre (primary role) and GP practice (non-primary role)
Contacts To provide contact details for organisations, including telephone number and/or website address (if held by ODS)

Product updates and enhancement

Find an overview of the latest updates and enhancements to ODS APIs

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