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Organisation Data Service - FHIR API

Access details of health and social care organisations, such as trusts or GP practices, using our Organisation Data Service (ODS) FHIR API. 


Use this API to access details of health and social care organisations, such as trusts or GP practices, using our Organisation Data Service (ODS).

You can search for information about an organisation using one or more of their:

  • ODS code
  • last updated date
  • name
  • active or inactive status
  • postcode or city
  • organisation's role or primary role

You can also limit the number of results returned, or just request a count of the number of search results.

For more details, see the Introduction to FHIR® ODS Lookup API.

Note this ODS FHIR API contains a reduced dataset of the full ODS record, providing a simple way to support health transactions and interoperability. For alternatives, see Technology below.

API status

This API is stable.


This API is a FHIR API.

Specifically, it is based on the HL7 FHIR STU3 Messaging Implementation.

For more details, see FHIR.

We also have an ODS Organisation Reference Data (ORD) API available that contains the full record dataset from ODS. To choose which one best suits your needs, see the Benefits of the ODS API suite.

Security and authorisation

This API is open-access, meaning:

  • we do not authenticate or authorise the calling application
  • we do not authenticate or authorise the end user - they might not even be present


For a full list of interactions for this API, see the Resources Overview.

For details on the general structure of the interactions, see FHIR.

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