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Proxy access

Proxy access lets patients access medical services for a child, or someone else they care for.

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Proxy access lets patients access medical services for someone in their care, for example a child. Proxy access in the NHS App is now available if your practice uses the EMIS or TPP clinical systems and both patients are registered at your practice.

If a patient already has proxy access enabled, it will automatically appear within the NHS App. Patients can switch between views of their own profile and the other patient by clicking on ‘Linked profiles’ within the app.

It is not possible to set it up through the NHS App.

If a patient asks you for proxy access, you can set it up using your normal processes in your clinical system. It will then be available in the NHS App and in any other online service you use which provides proxy access. 

Practices should follow the existing guidelines for proxy access and identity verification provided by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Patients can get more information on proxy access on the website.

It is not planned for practices using Microtest or Vision as they do not currently support proxy access.

Last edited: 23 November 2020 3:21 pm