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NHS Care Identity Service

Find a description of the service and the latest news and updates related to the Care Identity Service.

What NHS Care Identity Service is

The NHS Care Identity Service makes use of current technologies and Smartcards to allow health and care professionals in England to authenticate their identity when access national clinical information systems.

The care identity service has two main components: an authentication service and a user registration service.  Over time these services will be replaced by NHS Care Identity Service 2.

More information can be found at NHS CIS2 Care Identity Authentication.

The authentication service ensures that users with a Smartcard can be securely authenticated to national clinical systems.  It requires users to have their identity verified and be issued a smartcard.  It also requires a user to have certain software installed on their machine.

Details of this can be found at How to set up a Registration Authority workstation.

The authentication service is migrating to cloud services (AWS). For more information on this move please go to CIS service availability.

The user registration service is an electronic system for registering and issuing Smartcards.  Registration authorities use this care identity service to control Smartcard access for the NHS Spine‚Äôs 900,000+ Smartcard users.  It is a unified application that provides a single location for all registration authority activity.

For more information on this services, Smartcards and Registration Authorities please go to Registration authorities and smartcards.


You can get support by calling the National Service Desk on 0300 303 5035, or by raising a call using the National service desk weblog tool.

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