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Self-renewal NHS smartcard certificate service

Smartcard users can use Care Identity Management to renew their own smartcard certificates, before they've expired, without needing to visit a Registration Authority in person. 

Renew your own smartcard

Using the smartcard you want to renew, log in to Care Identity Management.

From the options available to you, select 'Renew your own smartcard'.

CIM dashboard 5.20 renew your own smartcard highlighted.png


On the 'Renew smartcard certificates' screen, enter your passcode and select 'Continue'.

CIM renew smartcard certificates.png


The service will now renew your certificates and you should see a message confirming the process has been successful.

CIM smartcard certificates renewed successfully.png



If you do not see the option to renew your smartcard

Your smartcard may not be due for renewal. The 'Renew your own smartcard' option will only be available in Care Identity Management during the 90 days before your smartcard is due to expire.

If your smartcard has already expired

You will need to contact your Registration Authority. A Registration Authority manager or agent can renew your certificates in Care Identity Management, but you must be with them in person.

If your smartcard is locked, but not expired

You will need to unlock your smartcard before you can renew it.

You can unlock your own smartcard, even if you have forgotten your passcode, as long as you have an email address associated with your Care Identity profile.

Unlock your own smartcard or read more about self-service smartcard unlock.


Last edited: 27 February 2024 3:59 pm