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Training environment

The NHS e-Referral programme provides a training environment for end users. This mirror live e-RS and allow training on a life-like system, without the risk of accessing or altering real data.

Who should use the environment

Any user who has knowledge of e-RS can use the environment. This means:

  • users who are familiar with, and had training on, the e-RS system
  • trainers and training teams 

Using the environment

To use the training environment, you will need:

  • internet access (the environment is supported on Internet Explorer 11, Chrome and Firefox)
  • a username and password
  • to set up your own data - referrals for example

Key points to note for the training environment are that:

  • users will require an internet connection
  • local IT support maybe required to allow access through local firewall
  • this environment is connected to an artificial Patient Administration System (PAS) to allow the booking process to be simulated
  • prepopulated services are available within the environment for any users to refer into
  • users can create their own services
  • users will be required to create specific referral data
  • all users will have access to all services and data created within the environment
  • access to the environment can take between 1-2 days
  • this environment is usually updated to reflect the live functionality 1-2 days after each update of the live e-RS
  • any data created in the environment (services and referrals) will be removed after each update
  • generic accounts cannot be created for training teams

To register for access to the training environment contact Requests are acknowledged within one working day. Users will be asked to confirm their current level of e-RS knowledge, agree to the environment terms of use as well as a privacy statement. This information is required before a username and password can be provided.

Testing environment

Contact if you need an environment for testing purposes.

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