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Optimising the use of e-RS

Find resources to help optimise the use of existing capabilities in the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) to accelerate referral optimisation and improve patient experience and outcomes.

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Contact us

For system queries – discuss with the local Integrated Care Board (ICB) or local IT teams initially, who can contact the e-RS programme directly with any queries.

For training specific queries can be directed to the e-RS education and development team.


e-RS is continually improving to make it easier, quicker and more convenient to use. Find out about the improvements we’re making and our user feedback process.

Subscribe to the e-RS bulletin for information on success stories, upcoming changes, future development areas. 

Learn more about the e-RS news including future and past changes to the system.

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Last edited: 27 June 2023 3:02 pm