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Advice and Guidance for commissioners

NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) advice and guidance is a quick and simple tool that allows referring and provider clinicians to have a conversation about a range of patient issues. It can be used in a variety of settings, by multiple clinicians.

What commissioners can do

We have created a high level guide to using advice and guidance for commissioners.  


To understand data within e-RS to access and analyse existing advice and guidance services available, both locally and nationally, you may want to use or obtain the Information Analyst role (B1130). If you do not have this role contact your registration authority team.  Alternatively, you could ask your information analyst to obtain the data for you.

Reviewing local data and outcomes, using the AG01 advice and guidance activity report, can also provide valuable information. 

We have also provided a number of useful resources including: 

Plan and communicate

Work with providers to understand requirements or tariffs by:  

  • reviewing the NHS England benchmark prices for advice and guidance services, found in the Non-mandatory prices 2019-20 spreadsheet (Benchmark-advice and guidance tab), in the National tariff payment system: supporting documents
  • undertaking training needs analysis and carrying out training as necessary (find out more by visiting the training section for referrers)
  • engaging with referrers to create new processes 
  • promoting advice and guidance facility, start dates and Clinical Commissioning Group expectations

Review existing local advice and guidance services by using the EBSX05 (and other extracts)

Ensure services are available to referrers by checking in the Directory of Services (DOS) available in e-RS

Where advice and guidance services are only available locally and set up on the primary care menu in e-RS by providers, commissioners need to find and commission the service in e-RS, using the commissioner role (B1106).  If you do not already have this role, please request it from the Registration Authority.

Provide ongoing support to referrers and providers. 

Audit, analyse and learn

Use the data within e-RS to assess, report and review local advice and guidance service utilisation and outcomes

Last edited: 13 January 2020 10:03 am