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How to find information on NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) and contact us

If you're a patient or a professional system user with a question, the section below will help to provide an answer.

e-RS professional system users

The e-RS programme offers a variety of materials to support professional system users with queries. Users can easily access information from multiple locations including:

  • System Help – using the Help link from within e-RS (available from the top left on each screen) or if you’re on an N3/HSCN connection you can access the information without logging into e-RS. The searchable content includes step by step instructions, overview information on specific functionality, workflow diagrams and much more.
  • e-RS website – our web pages contain information for referring, providing and commissioning users, as well as more detailed guidance on specific functions which can be found in the document library.
  • System alerts – changes to e-RS and key messages are announced through the alerts received by users when logging into e-RS. These messages cover what is changing and when/if they are expected to affect users. Links may be included within the messages to help users find out more information. To find any active message users can select the ‘Alerts’ tab from the top of the e-RS window.
  • e-RS bulletins – subscribe to our bulletin to receive information on success stories, upcoming changes, future development areas and much more.

Technical issues/faults should always be reported through your local IT Helpdesks. They can then escalate it if it isn’t possible to resolve the issue locally.

If you're a referrer, provider or commissioner with a general enquiry about e-RS and have been unable to answer your query using the above resources, please submit our online enquiry form.


If you're a patient with a query about your referral, you need to contact your GP practice or the hospital/clinic directly.

We cannot book, check, change or cancel your appointment, as we do not have access to your personal information or appointment details. Although we provide the e-RS software, we do not arrange referrals, appointments or manage local NHS staff.

Find out more information about the system and how to manage your referral.

Last edited: 24 September 2020 12:13 pm