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NHS Workforce Statistics - June 2021 (Including selected provisional statistics for July 2021)

Official statistics

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The data within these reports relates to monthly HCHS workforce statistics for staff in NHS Trusts and CCGs in England on ESR.  ESR is a payroll and human resources system which, since April 2008, contains staff records for all NHS employed staff in England. Statistics from this data source are only available for September 2009 onwards.

The following NHS staff groups are not included on the ESR system:

  • GPs, GP Practice staff and other primary care providers such as dentists and opticians.

The changing nature of organisations that provide NHS services may impact on the overall totals as providers external to the NHS are excluded from the figures.

These data are published monthly, and every 3 months further detailed statistics providing extra granularity across staff groups and work areas are included. These more detailed data are also available on request in the months they are not placed on the website. It includes specific topic areas or service priority areas to investigate the data and associated data quality issues at a detailed level. We welcome comments and suggestions for special topics of interest from users of workforce information.

Recent responses to requests for additional analysis

Every month NHS Digital produces a range of additional work for customers that may be of interest to other users of NHS workforce statistics. These are available on the NHS Digital Supplementary information webpage which is continually updated.

Revisions and Issues

As expected with monthly statistics, some figures may be revised as issues are uncovered and resolved. Details of revisions and issues are included in the Data Quality Annex which accompanies this publication.

Further Information

If you are interested in statistics that are not contained within our publications or wish to discuss any related matters please contact NHS Digital with your requests, comments and suggestions via:

Email:  [email protected]

Telephone:  0300 303 5678

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