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Hospital Outpatient Activity 2020-21

National statistics

National Statistics

Summary Report - outpatient appointments by gender

Outpatient attendances by age and gender (incl. maternity specific attendances), 2020-21

There were 44.6 million attendances for females (58.3 per cent), compared to 31.9 million for males (41.7 per cent).

For females, the age group with greatest number of attendances was 30-34 years (4.3 million); for males it was 70-74 years (3.5 million). When maternity-related activity is excluded, the female age group with the greatest number of attendances is also 70-74 years (3.3 million).

Patients aged 60 years and over accounted for 42.6 per cent of all attendances (32.6 million).

43.1 per cent of attendances for females aged 20-39 years were for maternity services, defined as where the treatment specialty was either ‘Obstetrics’ or ‘Midwife Episode’.

Summary of outpatient did not attends by age and gender, 2020-21

3.0 million (54.9 per cent) of did not attends were for females, with 2.5 million (45.1 per cent) for males.

Female patients aged 20-39 years accounted for 34.2 per cent of all did not attends for females.

For male patients, those aged 45-64 years accounted for 28.5 per cent of all did not attends for males.

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