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Hospital Admitted Patient Care Activity 2019-20

National statistics

National Statistics

Summary Report - ACC - Days

Critical Care records by start and discharge day, 2019-20

This chart shows the distribution of critical care records through the week.

Most critical care records started on a weekday (232,115 records, 81.1 per cent).

Just under half (49.8 per cent) of discharges were between Wednesday and Friday as it was in 2018-19.

Critical Care - Average length of stay by start day, 2019-20

Although we can see from the previous chart that fewer critical care records start at the weekend, the average length of stay for patients that were admitted on a Saturday or Sunday was almost one day longer compared with those admitted on a weekday.

This could be because episodes starting at the weekend include more emergency cases.

Critical Care - Average length of stay by discharge day, 2019-20

Like in 2018-19, the average length of stay was longest for critical care records ending on a Monday (5.0 days).

This is over 1 day longer than discharges at the end of the working week (1.6 days longer than Saturdays, 1.1 days longer than Sundays).

Patients discharged on a Saturday had the shortest average length of stay at 3.4 days, as it was for 2018-19.

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