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Deferred Payment Agreements Report, England - 2018-19 [PAS]

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Deferred Payment Agreements Report, England - 2018-19 [PAS]


This publication contains data taken from the Deferred Payment Agreements (DPA) return to provide information regarding the number and associated £ value of Adult Social Care Deferred Payment Agreements in England for 2018-19.

New DPAs agreed

There were 3,300 new DPAs agreed in 2018-19. The total value of the new DPAs agreed was £47.9 million.

DPAs ended and written off

There were 70 DPAs that had ended during 2018-19 and were written-off. The total value written-off for these DPAs was £2.2 million.

DPAs recovered

£68.7 million was fully recovered from DPAs ending in 2018-19. This total value related to 2,650 DPAs.

Outstanding DPAs

The total number of outstanding DPAs as at 31 March 2019 was 6,380, the total value of which was £213.4 million.

Type of DPA

Nearly 1 in 5 new and outstanding DPAs (both the number and value) resulted in the customer paying the care provider for their care and the LA loaning them the cost of care in instalments (loan type).   The remainder were traditional DPAs where the LA will pay the care home directly and will defer part of the charge against the value of the property.

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