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Mental Health of Children and Young People in Great Britain Survey: GDPR information


Why and how we process your data in the Mental Health of Children and Young People Survey and your rights.

Controller NHS Digital
How we use the information (processing activities)

The Mental Health of Children and Young People Survey records the numbers and type of mental health problems among 2 to 19 year olds nationally. It is processed to understand the rates of different mental health problems in children and young people, how these change over time, and when and how children access services. This information is used to monitor policy, and help plan services for children and young people.

NHS Digital commissions NatCen Social Research to deliver the survey. The information is processed to produce an official statistics publication and data tables. During the survey, permission is sought to link survey responses to health information, such as referrals to mental health services, in-patient or out-patient care, accident and emergency, death records and cancer records. The linked data is processed to understand what services children and young people interact with, and any other health risks children and young people are at risk of from having mental health problems. 

The final dataset is anonymised, with all personal identifiable data removed (such as name, address, date of birth), and is made available for secondary use to researchers. Dissemination of this information is available via NHS Digital's Data Access Request Service (DARS). On completion of a signed data sharing agreement, the UK Data Service will disseminate the data to named individuals. The anonymised dataset is kept indefinitely for research purposes.  

An important part of the survey is the ability to follow children and young people over time, to understand changes in mental health. Children and young people are consented for further research and if they agree they will be invited to take part in future studies related to mental health. Consent only covers being approached to receive more information about the study. Participants can say no to taking part. Before being approached to take part in the study, NHS Digital will check participants' contact details against the Personal Demographic Service, to make sure that the latest contact details are used.
For more information please see NatCen's privacy notice.

Does this contain sensitive (special category) data such as health information? Yes
Who are recipients of this data?

Please refer to the Data Uses Register for further details on requests approved via DARS.

Is data transferred outside the UK? Not for the purposes of processing it by NHS Digital. It may be transferred outside of the UK if this is approved by NHS Digital through the DARS process for any particular dissemination.
How long the data is kept Personal data is deleted within 12 months of archiving the dataset, unless participants have given permission for further research or data linkage and then the personal data is then kept until consent is revoked.
Our lawful basis for holding this data Legal obligation
Your rights
  • Tick Be informed
  • Tick Get access to it
  • Tick Rectify or change it
  • Cross Erase or remove it
  • Tick Restrict or stop processing it
  • Cross Move, copy or transfer it
  • Cross Object to it being processed or used
  • Cross Know if a decision was made by a computer rather than a person
How can you withdraw your consent?

You can withdraw consent for future contact or data linkage and can ask for your data deleting by contacting NHS Digital.

Is the data subject to decisions made solely by computers? (automated decision making) No
Where does this data come from? Survey participants are randomly selected members of the public, aged 2 to 19, living in households.
The legal basis for collecting this data

Article 6(1)(c) Legal obligation (Mental Health and Wellbeing Surveys Direction 2021)
Article 9(2)(h) Management of health and social care systems and services, supplemented by DPA 2018 Schedule 1, Part 1 - Health or social care purpose

Where we use this data


Health Surveys Service

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