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General Practice Data Hub

The General Practice Data Hub is a collection of interactive dashboards covering General Practices in England. This data is published under the open data licence.


Practice level prescribing

This data includes figures on the number of prescription items that are dispensed each month and information relating to costs.


Fit notes issued by GP practices, England

Use the GP data hub to review the number of fit notes issued in general practice in England and fit note episodes by region and diagnosis.



NHS dental activity and counts of the number of patients seen.


Health and care of people with learning disabilities

Compare health conditions of people recorded as having a learning disability.



GP practice workforce data searchable by practice name or practice code through the GP data hub.


Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF)

Disease prevalence and care quality achievement rates.


Patients registered at a GP practice

Use our interactive dashboard to find out the number of patients registered at a GP practice. The numbers can be shown at national, CCG or GP practice level, and GP practices can be compared to one another.


Care information choices

Counts of patients who have opted out of sharing their personal information for purposes other than direct care. This report contains information on the number of patient type 2 opt outs as a percentage of patients registered at Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGS) in England where patient opt out information has been received from GP practices in the latest reporting month.


Patient Online Management Information (POMI)

Online patient services provided by GP practices including: booking or cancelling appointments, ordering of repeat prescriptions and access to coded information in records.


Cervical screening programme coverage

Cervical screening coverage against the national target


Dementia diagnosis rate and prescription of antipsychotic medication to people with dementia

Compare the number of people thought to have dementia with the number of people diagnosed with dementia, aged 65 and over.


Appointments in General Practice

Appointments in general practice covers historic appointments, marked as attended or did not attend, from national to CCG views.

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