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NHS Health Check programme

Explore data about the NHS Health Check programme, including patients attending and not attending an NHS Health Check between April 2012 and March 2018.

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NHS Digital publishes this information to support the monitoring and delivery of the NHS Health Check programme. The aim of this publication is to inform users, ranging from providers and commissioners of primary care services to inquiring citizens, about recorded activity for patients within the NHS Health Check programme. This is a collaborative project between NHS Digital and Public Health England.

We have collected NHS Health Check data that has been recorded by use of a clinical code in a patient’s electronic record within their registered GP practice.

What this publication can tell you

You can find out the number of patients attending or not attending an NHS Health Check in financial years between 2012-13 and 2017-18. The publication uses activity recorded by clinical codes from participating GP practices in England.

You can see the data broken down geographically by:

  • the local authority, based on where the patient lives (area of residence)

  • clinical commissioning group (CCG), based on the registered GP practice of a patient

Counts of activity give details of the sex, age banding and recorded ethnicity of patients.

You can see the percentage of recorded patients attending an NHS Health Check as a proportion of those recorded as either attending or not attending.

You can see counts of activity at a national level identifying the type of non-attendance of an NHS Health Check, for example how many people ‘declined to attend’.

What this publication cannot tell you

NHS Health Check data recorded before April 2012 is not reported in this publication. Although the NHS Health Check programme was first piloted in 2009, it was not fully rolled out across England until 2012-13.

No estimates for the population eligible for an NHS Health Check are provided in this publication.

No activity is reported in the publication for patients with a calculated age outside of the 40-74 age range at the point of their NHS Health Check activity. See section 7.4 of the NHS Health Check programme supporting information page for more details of the age range of patients included in the report.

The following activity is not reported as part of this publication but may be reported as part of future publications:

  • the number of times a patient was recorded as invited before attending an NHS Health Check
  • details of tests, advice or interventions given as a result of patients attending an NHS Health Check
  • data collected about patient outcomes as a result of attending or not attending an NHS Health Check
  • where the NHS Health Check was performed or by whom, for example a third party
  • the format of an invitation sent to attend an NHS Health Check, such as a letter

More information

Download a CSV file of the underlying data from the NHS Health Check publication page.

Find more information about the publication on the NHS Health Check supporting information page.

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