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Cervical screening programme coverage

Cervical screening coverage against the national target

This dashboard presents cervical screening coverage data for GP Practices in England. The information is available for two age groups, 25-49 years and 50-64 years, which are obtained from monthly reports produced by the Open Exeter system. The dashboard also includes data for the number of women eligible and screened at each GP practice.

This dashboard aims to:

  • support and help GP practices to improve cervical screening attendance and coverage rates.
  • provide timely at a glance interactive coverage data for GP Practices that is updated on a quarterly basis.

The dashboard does not include data on other parts of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme, including samples examined and outcomes of referrals. The data are collected in an aggregate level from each GP practice which means individual patients can't be identified.

The underlying data are available in a .csv file, and is available to download from the publication page.

Useful links related to finding out more general information on the Cervical Screening Programme and tips on how to address coverage in your area are provided below;

Public Health England.

Jo's cervical cancer trust

Further information


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