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Dementia diagnosis rate and prescription of antipsychotic medication to people with dementia

Data comparing the number of people, aged 65 and over, thought to have dementia with the number of people diagnosed with dementia. In addition, numbers of people with dementia prescribed antipsychotic medication in the last 6 weeks.

Current dashboard

Accessibility of the interactive dashboard

Microsoft PowerBI does not fully support all accessibility needs. You can find the source data in our Recorded dementia diagnoses collection.

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Not everyone with dementia has a formal diagnosis. Since 2012, the NHS has been seeking to ensure that patients suffering from dementia are given a formal diagnosis so that they can receive appropriate care and support. The national target is for two thirds of people with dementia to be formally diagnosed.

The Dementia 65+ estimated diagnosis rate indicator tracks this ambition by comparing the number of people thought to have dementia with the number of people diagnosed with dementia, aged 65 and over.

The indicator is updated every month.

What this publication can tell you

You can find out whether GPs in your local area, region, or the whole of England are meeting the ambition of two thirds of people with dementia receiving a formal diagnosis, and monitor how this has changed over time.

Numbers of people with dementia who are prescribed antipsychotic medication is also available.

What this publication cannot tell you

You cannot use this data to directly compare different areas across the country. If an area seems to have a significantly high or low diagnosis rate or level of antipsychotic medication prescribing, this is merely a smoke alarm for further investigation.

Underlying data

Underlying data and details of calculations and caveats involved in creating this indicator are available in the Recorded dementia diagnoses collection.

Legacy dashboards

Below are the three dashboards that were previously used to report dementia data. These dashboards are no longer updated, as the current dashboard serves as an aggregation of the three.

All visualisations and data present in these three dashboards can be found in our current dashboard.  

Last edited: 20 October 2020 9:42 am