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GP practice workforce data searchable by practice name or practice code

Open the workforce data report

Accessibility of this tool

This tool is in Microsoft PowerBI which does not fully support all accessibility needs.  If you need further assistance, please contact us for help.

GP primary care workforce metrics at national level, CCG level and practice level. This includes

  • the number of GPs at England level or within a region
  • the number of registered patients per GP
What you can find out
  • You can look up information about a GP Practice including the number of GPs or nurses per 1,000 patients registered within a specific GP practice
  • the number of GPS or nurses within a practice by FTE (full time equivalent)
What the report can't tell you
  • We provide this information only at general practice level. It may not be used to calculate information across multiple GP practices. This means staff who work across more than one practice are not counted twice.
  • Those GP Practices who didn't provide fully valid data are not included. 

More information

You can find more information in the GP workforce including information at higher aggregations and the calculation and caveats used to create this report.

Last edited: 18 November 2022 11:54 am